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The best coffee in Porto is served in specialty coffee shops that have recently emerged in the city bringing the experience high-quality coffee, knowledgeable baristas, stylish interiors, as well as great breakfast, brunch and snack options.

In this article, I share my own opinions on where would one go to have a great cup of coffee.  I am personally fond of flat white, a double shot of espresso over steamed milk topped with a thin layer of microfoam, but specialty coffee shops in Porto serve a full range of coffee drinks including filtered, air pressed and cold brews.  

Coincidentally, most of the best coffee locations in Porto a bit outside of the main historic downtown core, which gives you a good reason to explore different areas of Porto which you would probably not have visited otherwise: Baixa, Cedofeita and Bonfim.

So Coffee Roasters, the best coffee in Porto

So Coffee roasts and brews sustainable and fair trade coffee.  It is located in the Cedofeita neighborhood of Porto just a bit north of the historic downtown core.  The space is small and modern and has a co-working area on the second floor.  Without the outside space, it is not the cosiest cafe in town, however it is excellent for a casual drink and breakfast.

SO Coffee Roasters wants you to know what you are drinking.  They attach a little information card to their coffee drinks which I find quite smart.

Being a quite a coffee snob, I have to give the first place to So Coffee Roasters for their perfect roast.  This is my go-to place when I want to enjoy the best cup of flat white in town.

Outside espresso drinks, the cafe also serves filtered, airpress, french press and brewed coffee as well as smoothies, breakfast bowls and sandwiches.  Free wifi!

Address: R. de Sá de Noronha 119, 4050-528 Porto


Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, Sundays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

The hidden garden at Fabrica Coffee Roasters

There are 3 locations in Porto of which my favorite is at rua de José Falcão 122

However, if you are looking for a take out closer to the old town the shop at Rua de Sá da Bandeira 9 is very convenient.  It’s quite near the Sao Bento train station.  I get my coffee there every time i go to the Douro Valley by train.

The main Porto location in Cedofeita is large and gives a mix of an industrial and an eclectic feel with a roaster right onsite.  I love sipping coffee in the little hidden garden at the back.  

The simple menu is great for breakfast or brunch.  Try their yummy homemade pancakes with red fruit jam.

Unfortunately, there is no wi-fi, so not excellent for work.

Fabrica sells their beans in the shops and ships worldwide.


Opening hours: Opening hours vary by location.


If you are willing to walk a bit outside of the tourist locations, head east and discover the neighbourhood of Bonfim.  

Bonfim is known for its residential character and lively atmosphere. In recent years,  Bonfim has undergone a revitalization, with new cafes, restaurants, and shops opening up alongside traditional businesses. It has become a popular destination for foodies and those looking for a more authentic and local experience in Porto. 

The cafe opened in a transformed garage of a residential building. Combi has a few chairs on the street.  

Espresso drinks,  filter coffees, made in V60, French press or Aeropress, are on the menu. Cakes and pastries served at Combi come from the famous French-style Porto bakery OGI.  

Address: Rua Morgado Mateus, 29

Opening hours: Open every day from 9 am to 5 pm

The best spot in C'alma Coffee Room is by the window

C’alma has a great location in the center of Porto, but the place is a bit hidden so you won’t just stumble upon it.

I love sitting by the window and watch a typical steep street of Porto. The coffee is expertly prepared by professional baristas and presented with great attention to detail on a special little wooden tray.

The only drawback in my opinion is that C’Alma opens at 10 am.

Address: R. de Passos Manuel 44

Opening hours: Open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Another local favourite in the heart of my beautiful Bonfim neighbourhood is Mesa 325.  It would take you approximately 15 minutes on foot to this area from the historic center. 

This little coffee shop is worth the walk.  It gives you a very local feel with the house dog sleeping in the corner, just a few tables and a homey atmosphere away from crowds.  Staff is very friendly and speaks English.  

I do not only go there for my flat white coffee – their orange juice is always amazing and there are several great breakfast choices. 


Address: Av de Camilo 325

Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm

Garden at Noshi cafe

Noshi is near the Tower of Clerigos in the heart of the historic center. 

The inspiration for Noshi came from its creators’ concern for healthy eating and their love for specialty coffee, thus creating a “Green Coffee Shop” that encompasses their two passions.

Their espresso shots are just ideal for me, aromatic, soft, without a hint of bitterness. 

There is a hidden romantic garden at the back excellent for quiet morning coffee or lunch.

Address: R. do Carmo 11 12

Opening hours: Wednesday to Monday from 9 am to 7 pm

Nicolau in Cedofeita, Porto

Nicolau Porto is a trendy cafe located in the Cedofeita.  Popular with local and expats alike Nicolau is a busy spot.  I love the cozy decor, huge windows and natural plants at Nicolau.

Nicolau is great for a coffee break, also discover their abundant and very instagrammable breakfast and lunch options – eggs, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

The cafe can be quite busy and loud at times, however its a perfect hideaway on a rainy day off season.

Address: Largo de Alberto Pimentel 4, 4050-214 Porto

Opening hours: Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 10:30 pm

My Coffee Porto

Walking down to My Coffee Porto

And finally a great cup of coffee with the best view in town. 

A tiny cafe in Ribeira with a couple of tables outside and some inside right under the Dom Luis I bridge is the cosiest in Porto.  They serve specialty coffees made of their own blend, local pastries and lunch.  

The only drawback is climbing the stairs. You can walk down the stairs to the cafe and then down to the river and use the funicular to come back up.

Address: Escadas do Codeçal 22, 4000-173 Porto

Opening hours:  Monday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm

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