Is There a Metro in Porto?


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Yes, Porto, Portugal has a metro system known as the Metro do Porto, which provides convenient and efficient transportation within the city and its surrounding areas including the Porto airport.

Porto metro is clean, safe and reliable.

How spread is Porto Metro?

With 67 kilometers of railways and 82 stations Porto Metro is one of the largest transport networks in Europe.

Most stations are on the surface with only 14 of them underground.  

Porto Metro map

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Where can you get to by Porto Metro?

The metro network covers key areas of Porto, including the city center, major transportation hubs like São Bento Railway Station and Campanhã Railway Station, as well as popular destinations such as the airport (via Line E), Casa da Música, and the Matosinhos beach area.

The areas of Foz, some areas of Vila Nova de Gaia and eastern Porto are not yet well connected, however, work is underway to  connect some of the important areas to the city centre.

The Porto Metro consists of six main lines:

Line A (Blue): Connects the city center (Trindade Station) to Senhor de Matosinhos.
Line B (Red): Runs from Estádio do Dragão to Póvoa de Varzim.
Line C (Green): Connects Campanhã to ISMAI (Instituto Superior da Maia).
Line D (Yellow): Runs from Hospital São João to Santo Ovídio.
Line E (Purple): Connects Estádio do Dragão to Aeroporto (Airport).
Line F (Orange): Connects Senhora da Hora to Fânzeres. 

Porto Metro tickets

You can purchase single-journey tickets or rechargeable Andante cards, which can be used not only on the metro but also on buses and trains within the Greater Porto area.

Andante card can be purchased in machines located at the overground stations and at the underground station entrances.  Reload your Andante card at the same machine.

You can also purchase multi-day tickets using the Porto Card which will allow you to save on some entrance fees to major attractions.

Porto Metro has a system of zones.  Your fare has to cover a specific zone.  I must say, it may be confusing at times.

Here is a link to the trip planning tool that will help you plan your movements around the city.

When you start a trip, or change line or transport you have to validate your Andante ticket by tapping it on the yellow validators. You can validate your ticket a maximum of 10 minutes before starting your journey.

On trains and subways, use validators in the stations. On buses the validators are located at the front doors of the vehicle. 

You can use one Andante pass for 1hour in zones 2 and 3 and longer in more distant zones.  For more details, check here.


Can I get to Porto airport by Metro?

Yes, Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is served by line E.  

On Metro line E you can use Andante card or your contactless Visa card to pay a fare

The Aeroporto metro station is located at Zone 4.  The fare from the central Porto to Aeroporto is 2.20 euros.

What are the operating hours of Porto Metro?

Porto Metro generally operates from 6 am to 1 pm. 

Please check the official Porto Metro website or station timetables for the most up-to-date schedules.

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